Dear Mr. Pirozzi,

at Septmber, 26th my husband and I wanna visit tuscany for one week.

(Chianciano Terme e Firenze)

in the 1980th my husband worked a few years in Italy (Milano) and so he is still land and people devotet.

Shocked we have seen of the terrible earthquake in on around of Amatrice.

And now we wanna help in the form of donations of clothes. Because a lot of people have now nothing.

It is possible and it is also relevant in 4 weeks, we would like to bring

the clothing donations.

Which are the most urgend things they need?

Can you help us, although we don’t know us personally.

For my husband and for me it is a personal request to help the people in the region of the earthquake, even our help is only small.

We wanna say thank you so much.

Many greetings from Germany (Bavaria)

- Sabine and Helmut